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Collaboration is key.


We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of others and we remember that in all our projects.


You might have a clear vision of what you want us to help you achieve, you might just have a gut feeling that you could do with some assistance in our area. Or it could be anything in between. We promise to work with you at each stage to design programmes in which you have confidence, to bring the best people into the project so you have access to the right expertise, and to prioritise your values from start to finish.


We’ll bring our significant experience in Organisational Development along with us. But each and every project is bespoke.


Your programme will be YOURS. As part of each contract, we provide a free consultation to determine what you need. Then we’ll work out how to make it happen.


We are always learning. Good Governance itself relies on continuous improvement and we are no different. To help us do this, we ask all clients to complete an evaluation process at the end of a contract. Obviously, we hope that any concerns can be raised across the life of the project, but we appreciate that sometimes you just want to let us know we could do things a bit differently next time. If you’ve enjoyed working with us, we’d be over the moon to receive a testimonial to tell us why. See what others have said about working with us:

Excellent pre course communication to make sure that the day was really tailored to our Board’s needs. The deep understanding of the role of a Trustee and Students’ Unions was invaluable.

Returning and new Trustees all gave excellent reviews saying that they had strengthened their knowledge and provided reassurances and challenges as appropriate.

Evaluation: 5 stars!

Laura Greenwood-Pearsons

CEO, Brighton Students' Union

Kathryn has worked with UoNSU over the past 12 months to scope, plan and deliver the outcomes of a wide-ranging democracy review project, as well as undertaking some interim management for our Representation Team.


Kathryn’s quality and experience buys her credibility from day one, and her personal skills and amiable style enable her to embed quickly within the team. Her project management has provided assurance within testing limits, clarity where there can be confusion, and motivation and determination when challenges appear to stymy progress.


Kathryn’s motivations clearly align with the work of charities and students’ unions, and her values-led approach to her own work sets an example for us to follow, challenging – yet never undermining – our approach to promote continuous improvement for our members as well as our staff.


I have also found Kathryn’s experience and advice on general SU matters to be of great value, particularly as I have established myself at a new Students’ Union, and I have no hesitation in recommending Miragold to other students’ unions and charities.

Daryl Ormerod

CEO, University of Nottingham Students' Union

The depth of knowledge was encouraging and the ability to ask questions and get positive
response was good.


                                                            Small charity

                             Collaborative Board Development

The turnaround of the work to enable the organisation to take recommendations to the sub-committee of the Board was outstanding. Also the skills in gathering the information from a wide range of stakeholders and blending this together to get the best recommendations possible was commendable.

Durham Students' Union

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