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Why should charities work with consultants?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

There are many reasons why charities should consider working with consultants.

Obviously, MiraGold would always encourage you to work with us – but we want to explain why, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

So, we’ve taken the time to lay out eight compelling reasons why working with a consultant who specialises in charity governance and strategy is a really good idea for your charity.

First, four reasons why you should work with a consultant in general. After that we’ll explain why MiraGold in particular, would work well on your project.

You gain a fresh, external perspective

A consultant, coming in from outside, isn’t bogged down in the every day running or history of your organisation. They will bring with her a fresh perspective and see your organisation from an angle that you and your team cannot.

As you can imagine, this is a huge advantage in terms of coming up with innovative ideas and avoids any negatives related to knowing the ins and outs of your organisation. It’s very liberating.

The consultant is present only for the time of the project

Your organisation doesn’t need to worry about employing someone to carry out a given project, and thereafter, find enough work to keep that person busy and productive.

A consultant can come in, work on the project with your team and then leave you to continue running your organisation. No long-term commitment, no pressures of employment and no wading through the internal politics of your organisation to find the answers. Just impartial, external advice and guidance on a temporary and very productive basis.

Focus and clarity

Your consultant will bring focus and clarity to your project. It will be the only project they are there to work on and they’ll give her whole focus to that project until it’s completed to your satisfaction.

An employee of your organisation wouldn’t be able to promise such focus and the project may take much longer as a result.

You retain ownership of your project

A consultant would not typically deliver the longer term outcomes themselves. They would make recommendations based on the work they’d carried out and pass the report over to you and your team to implement the changes.

That means that you’d have ownership of the change phase. It will be implemented your way, by your people.

MiraGold, in particular, has more than 50 years of experience of working with charities and providing governance and development services to organisations.

Here are just a few reasons why working with MiraGold would benefit you:

We’re collaborative

We pride ourselves on being truly collaborative. We work WITH you, not FOR you, which means you get to fix the parameters of the project, use the expertise you already have in-house and we will provide the rest. All of our services are bespoke, to deliver the very best service to you and your team. We will also bring in specialists if we don’t have all the experience ourselves; we never try and pretend to be something we’re not!

We believe you’re amazing

You’re already amazing, you’re just being prevented from reaching your full potential by a few obstacles. MiraGold will work with you to identify and remove those obstacles, by listening to what you are experiencing and providing that all important external viewpoint. We work in the charity and voluntary sectors because we are passionate about the good that you do and the impact you can have.

Your team is already ready

People are always the key to an organisation’s success and we know that you already have the best team assembled and ready for action. MiraGold will help you empower your people to find the right tools and get the job done. With a history of enabling people to be at their best, MiraGold will never develop restrictive bureaucracy to entangle your team; we pride ourselves on understanding the freedoms people need to be amazing – and promise to make recommendations accordingly.

We know what we are doing

The team have a lot of experience to back up our theories, but we also continually challenge ourselves to try new things. That could be volunteering in a new way, working with a different type of organisation, or pursuing academic study; we are learning each and every day and will apply that learning to your particular situation. We have spent our careers making connections between strategy, people and operations; you will find our joined up approach refreshing!

Does that help?

If you’d like to learn more about working with MiraGold, contact us for more information or for a no-obligation chat about how we could help you.

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